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ISH-Industrial Silicone Hoses

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ISH-Industrial Silicone Hoses,China silicone hose manufacturer and supplier.
ISH-IndustrIal Silicone Hoses is one leading silicone hoses manufacturer in China,over 10 years rich experiences to provide silicone hoses solutions for automotive,racing vehicles,heavy duty truck,ATV and bus,diesel generator & diesel generator radiator and general manufacturing industries,some of them are the leading company in the related industry in the world.

ISH developed silicone hoses mostly out of the client's diagram and samples, our R&D teams and tooling department ensure products with precise sizes and shapes,molds will be finished within 2-3 days,small order quantity will  finished within 1-2 weeks,
large order quantity will finished within 3-4 weeks.

The items and products list on the website are popular sizes and models,including car&motorbike silicone radiator hose kits,contact us directly if you needed sizes don not published here,some of the unlisted hose kits won not sold if under protected.

Straight Coupler Silicone Hoses IHS Straight Lengths Silicone Hoses 1 2 4 Meter IHS 45 Degree Elbow Silicone Hoses IHS 90 Degree Elbow Silicone Hoses
Straight Couplers Straight Lengths 1 2 4 Meter 45 Degree Elbow Couplers 90 Degree Elbow Couplers
IHS 135 Degree Elbow Silicone Hoses IHS 180 Degree Elbow Silicone  Hoses  U shape silicone hoses IHS Straight Reducer Silicone Hoses IHS 45 Degree Elbow Reducer Silicone Hoses
135 Degree Elbow Couplers  180 Degree Elbow Couplers  Straight Reducers  45 Degree Elbow Reducers 
IHS 90 Degree Elbow Reducer Silicone Hoses HPS T Piece Silicone Hoses IHS Hump Bellow Silicone Hoses IHS Diesel Generator Turbo Intercooler Silicone Hoses
90 Degree Elbow Reducers  T Piece Silicone Hoses  Silicone Hump/Bellow Hoses  Diesel Generator Hoses 
IHS Silicone Vacuum Hoses/Vacuum Tubing IHS Silicone Air Ducting Hoses Superflex Silicone Hoses 1 Meter IHS Fluoro Silicone Hoses oil fuel resistance hoses
Silicone Vacuum Hose Silicone Air Ducting Hoses Superflex/Wire reinforced Oil/Fuel Resistance Hoses 


ISH 6061-T6 Aluminum Pipes/Aluminum Tubing

ISH also manufacture high quality aluminum pipes/aluminum tubing.
-Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
-Mirrow polished finishing
-Wall Thickness: 1.8mm (OD <=76mm),2mm(OD>76mm)
-Bead rolled end type(Option:straight end)
-Totally Length Option:300mm,450mm,500mm,600mm.
-Available in 1ft &3t straigt aluminum pipe ,45°degree bend aluminum pipe ,90°degree bend aluminum pipe ,135°degree bend aluminum pipe ,180° degree bend aluminum pipe.
contact us directly for 15°,60°,75°  degree bend and other unregular shapes aluminum pipes.

ISH 6061 T6 Straight Aluminum Pipe ISH T6061 45 Degree Bend Aluminum Pipe ISH 6061 T6 90 Degree Bend Aluminum Pipe ISH 6061 T6 135 Degree Bend Aluminum Pipe
Straight Aluminum Pipe  45 Degree Aluminum Pipe  90 Degree Aluminum Pipe 135 Degree Aluminum Pipe
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