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Classic Matte Black"Rubber Look"Silicone Hose

Author:admin Date:2013/9/28 16:28:26

ISH Classic Matte Black "Rubber Look"  silicone hoses , we are pround of  invent this uniqure production technology in China and supply high quality MATTE BLACK color silicone hoses to the famous silicone hose companies in the world and ONLY few famous and leading silicone hose company have this classic color -Matte Black silicone hose.

We can produce most of the silicone hoses as matte black color,straight ,straight lengths,straight reducer,eblow,elbow reducer, car and motorbike silicone hose kits.

Matte Black "Rubber Look" silicone hoses,it looks like coolant hose,boost hose,turbo hose,induction hose,heater hose ,breather hose of your car never been modifed and seems as original rubber hose,but with excellent performance ,also higher temperature and pressure resistance.deeply loved by pro-tuners,tuning companies,race drivers.

ISH High Quality Classic  Matte Black"Rubber Look" Silicone  Hoses 

                                                 classic matte black rubber look silicone hose                        


                                          classic matte  black color-Nissan Skyline GTR 33-34 silicone radiator hose kit     


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