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Silicone Hose color options

Author:admin Date:2013/9/19 8:56:58

Industrial Silicone Hoses(ISH) produce Blue/Black/Red/Green/Yellow/Pink/Purple/White etc normal colors can meet most
of client's requirement on silicone hose colors,aslo produce Classic Matte Black"Rubber Look" silicone hose/Silver/Flame/Urban Camo to meet client's different special requirement.

            matte black silicone hose "rubber look"silicone hose           blaze /flame color --classic hose color   

   matte black color  "rubber looks" silicone hoese (classic color)                     Classic color-Blaze/Flame color

Learnt more hose colors,welcome visit hose color options for details,thanks.

We can produce silicone hose in custom color,please send us color code or color samples if want us to developed your wanted colors.
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