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Silicone Hoses surface finishing

Author:admin Date:2013/9/20 10:26:18

ISH in the silicone hose industry over 10 years and R&D teams to developed smooth and matte cloth surface finish silicone hoses in order to meet clients' different need,as we known that most of the silicone hoses are in smooth surface finish,we  produced matte cloth surface finish not only for  straight and straight length hoses but also elbow, elbow reducer,bespoke eblow,populared by pro-tuners,generator industries.

smooth finish straight coupler silicone hose                       matte finish surface silicone hose


smooth  finish straight coupler silicone hose                                    matte  cloth  finish straight coupler silicone hose

                       matte cloth  finlish elbow silicone hose


                        matte  cloth   finish eblow (or strange shapes) silicone hose

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