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How to choose Silicone Hose Guidance 

ISH-Industrial Silicone Hoses,China silicone hose manufacturer and supplier.
Industrial Silicone Hoses,we are the silicone hose manufacturer in China, with more than 10 years rich experiences to provide silicone hose solution for aerospace,marine,,ATV,heavy duty truck and bus ,diesel generator ,constructioin,racing vehicles  and general manufacturing industries etc,part of them are the leading company in the related industry and we produce the right silicone hoses products for them.

As one rich experience high quality  silicone hose manufacturer and below how to chooose silicone hose guidance will  instruct you to find the most suitable silicone hose you need,contact us directly if your wanted  silicone hose products not listed as below,thanks.

Silicone Hose Temperature Range

The temperature resistance range main factor is the reinforcement ply material,3-6 ply:

Polyester fabric:-50ºC to +180ºC (-58~+356F°)
Aramid fabric:    -50ºC to +250ºC(-58~+482F°) (Nomex)
Glass fabric:     -50ºC to +305ºC (-58~+581F°)

Superlfex Silicone Hose

As straight length hose diameter larger than 25mm ID can not bend into any significant bend radius without kinking,please consider our superflex silicone hose if need larger bore meter lengths with greater flexibility.

Wire Reinforcement Silicone Hose

Superflex silicone hose with meter lengths, we can produced straight coupler and silicone hose kits with helical wire reinforcemen,which ensure hose with better flexibility  and can bear higher burst pressure ,won not be collapse under vacuum coditions.

Oil &Fuel Resistant Silicone Hose-Fluoro Lined Silicone Hose

Standard silicone hose rubber is porousand won not be suitable for oil,gas and fuel,fluoro lined silicone hose called fluoro silicone hose with excellent oil resistance and high temperature resistance.

All of the silicone hoses can made of fluoro silicone hose.

Silicone Hose Lengths and Shapes

Straight length silicone hose:the maximunm length is 4 meters(4000 mm) upto now .
Elbow and eblow reducer  bespoke elbow silicone hose :we can produce the  leg lengths,radius, shapes according to diagram or samples. 

Different Silicone Hose Surface Finish

No matter straight , elbow  and bespoke elbow silicone hose ,can produce it as smooth and matte cloth surface finish.

Smooth  surface finish ,the silicone hose looks shiny and glossy.
Matte cloth  surface finish ,the silicone hose surface looks like cloth stripe shape.

Silicone Hose Color Options

Want more choices of silicone hose color and classic hose color,please reviewing our silicone hose color options,we are glad to custom color for you while sent us the color code (pantone color code)or color samples.