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ISH-Industrial Silicone Hoses

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Intercoolers-Air to Air

Our air to air Intercoolers  with 100% lightweight aluminum,perfect mirror polished finishing,welcomed by pro-tuners.
Contact us directly if below listed size can not pleased you,will produce your needed ones after send us the intercooler
design diagram. 

-High quality  with competitive price
-100% Brand new
-Super lightweight
-Fin type design ensure the high flow

Technical Specification
Material: 100%  aluminum
Temperature Range:-65ºC to +260ºC (-122~+356F°)
Pressure Drop :Less than 0.35PSI                                  


Image Part No Application Core Size(mm) Inlet/Outlet(inch) REMARK
Intercoolers IC01 IC01 Universal type 600x300x76 3/2.5 3" and 2.5" is two size options of inlet and oulet,the same as below
Intercoolers IC02 IC02 Universal Type 600x300x100 3
Intercoolers IC03 IC03 Universal Type 550x140x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC04 IC04 Universal Type 550x180x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC05 IC05 Universal Type 280x300x76 3/2.5
Intercoolers IC06 IC06 Universal Type 550x230x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC07 IC07 Universal Type 450x300x76 3/2.5
Intercoolers IC08 IC08 Universal Type 330x230x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC09 IC09 Universal Type 450x180x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC10 IC10 Universal Type 450x230x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC11 IC11 Universal Type 450x230x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC12 IC12 Universal Type 470x300x65 2.5
Intercoolers IC13 IC13 Universal Type 510x300x65 2.5
Intercoolers IC14 IC14 Universal Type 510x230x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC15 IC15 Universal Type 600x300x90 3
Intercoolers IC16 IC16 Universal Type 600x300x110 4
Intercoolers IC17 IC17 Universal Type 510x300x76 3/2.5
Intercoolers IC18 IC18 Universal Type 410x230x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC19 IC19 Universal Type 330x155x65 2.25/2.5
Intercoolers IC20 IC20 Universal Type 600x300x65 2.5
Intercoolers IC21 IC21 Honda Civic Fmic 460x160x90 2.5
Intercoolers IC22 IC22 510x195x110 3
Intercoolers IC23 IC23 Toyota MR2 IC 240x195x100 2.25
Intercoolers IC24 IC24 600x280x70 2.5
Intercoolers IC25 IC25 580x210x100 2.5
Intercoolers IC26 IC26 Nissan R32/R33/R34 GTR IC 600x295x110 3
Intercoolers IC27 IC27 Mitsubishi DSM 2ND GEN IC 95-99 700x260x90 2.5
Intercoolers IC28 IC28 Mitsubishi EVO VIII IC 2003+ 500x315x90 2.5
Intercoolers IC29 IC29 Subaru WRX FMIC 650x235x90 2.5
Intercoolers IC30 IC30 Subaru WRX TM IC 510x195x110
Intercoolers IC31 IC31 610x200x88 2.5
Intercoolers IC32 IC32 600x280x76 3