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ISH-Industrial Silicone Hoses

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Truck Silicone Hoses for BENZ

ISH Truck Silicone hoses for BENZ,we developed silicone hoses for BENZ truck based on the samples or diagram they sent to us.

-High quality silicone hose with competitive price,
-Custom made 4,5,6 ply with 5 mm&6 mm thickness,tolerance within 0.2mm will ensure the best performance for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges
-Privated label(logo) accepted.

Technical Specification
Standard Material: 100%silicone
Temperature Range:-65ºC to +260ºC (-85~+500F°)
Working Pressure:1 Mpa
Burst Pressure:2-3 Mpa                                   
Reinforced Layer: 4-6 ply 
Standard Color: Black / Blue/Red  Option colors: Yellow / Purple/ Matt Black  etc,welcome visit hose color options for details,thanks. 

ISH High Quality Truck Silicone Hoses for Benz

BENZ truck silicone hose

As one professional silicone hoses manufacturer,we can produce the hose ply,thickness,temperature range and burst pressure per your requirement  accordingly,thanks.

Truck Silicone Hose-BENZ
Part No Brand OEM No
B1 BENZ 130032
B2 BENZ 162349
B3 BENZ 180475
B4 BENZ 189849
B5 BENZ 242653
B6 BENZ 267460
B7 BENZ 270142
B8 BENZ 283136
B9 BENZ 290849
B10 BENZ 318350
B11 BENZ 318364
B12 BENZ 371074
B13 BENZ 382983
B14 BENZ 382985
B15 BENZ A9040940782
B16 BENZ 0005019182
B17 BENZ A9040940882
B18 BENZ 0005019082
B19 BENZ 6855287782
B20 BENZ 0020946982
B21 BENZ A9040940582
B22 BENZ A9040940682
B23 BENZ 0020945482
B24 BENZ 0020945282
B25 BENZ 0020946382
B26 BENZ 0020946682
B27 BENZ 0020945582
B28 BENZ 0020941882
B29 BENZ 9425010582
B30 BENZ 9415011282
B31 BENZ 0005010082
B32 BENZ 0015017982
B33 BENZ 0005016082
B34 BENZ 0015018082
B35 BENZ 3715018082
B36 BENZ 0005016182
B37 BENZ 3715017982
B38 BENZ 0029975452
B39 BENZ 0249970782
B40 BENZ 0249970382
B41 BENZ 0005010182
B42 BENZ 33715018082
B43 BENZ 33715017982