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ISH-Industrial Silicone Hoses

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Fluoro Silicone Hoses

ISH Fluoro Oil&Fuel Silicone Hoses are specially designed for industrial hoses request  oil,gas&Fuel (high temperature) resistant ,by imported high quality Fluorosilicone material as inner liner to ensure  Fluoro silicone hose with a better perfornance  resistance to hydrocarbons, fuel vapour, mineral and synthetic oils and greases, and suitable for use with mineral-based hydraulic fluids. 

-Oil,gas&Fuel (high temperature) resistant
-High quality silicone hose with competitive price
-Custom made 3,4,5,6 ply with 4.5 mm&5.0mm thickness,tolerance within 0.2mm
will ensure the best performance for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges
-Privated label(logo) accepted
-Produce FluroSilicone liners with most of  our silicone hoses,meter silicone hoses,superflex silicone hose,elbow silicone hoses,elbow reducer silicone hose etc,contact us directly for the fluoro hose you needed,thanks.

Technical Specification
Material: Fluoro silicone
Temperature Range:-50ºC to +180ºC (-58~+356F°)
Reinforced Layer: 3 ply Optional:3-6 ply
Standard Color:  Black / Blue/Red  Option colors: Yellow / Purple/ Matt Black  etc,welcome visit hose color options for details,thanks. 

ISH High Temperature Fluoro Silicone Hoses

fluoro silicone hose All of the silicone hoses can made of fluoro silicone hose.

As one professional silicone hoses manufacturer,we can produce the hose ply,thickness,temperature range and burst pressure per your requirement  accordingly,thanks.