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Superflex Silicone Hoses 1 Meter long

ISH Superflex silicone Hose 1M long(3ft long) ,more flexible can bear great pressure than standard silicone hoses, with steel wire reinforcement to prevent the hose collapsing during flexing or under vacuum.widely  used for breathers, Water hoses, Heater Matrix, Coolant etc.

-High quality silicone hose with competitive price
-Custom made 3,4,5,6 ply with 4.5 mm&5.0mm thickness,tolerance within 0.2mm will ensure the best performance for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges.
-We are the unique manufactuer can produce smooth outer surface Superflex silicone hose,it means can printing your logo on superlfex silicone hose, optional is the rough surface superflex silicone hose,please reviews pictures as above.

Technical Specification
Standard Material: 100%silicone
Temperature Range :-50ºC to +180ºC (polyester fabric)(-58~+356F°)
                                      -50ºC to +250ºC (Aramid fabric)(-58~+482F°)
                                      -50ºC to +305ºC (glass fabric)(-58~+581F°)
Working Pressure :0.3-0.9 Mpa(43.5-130.5 PSI)
Bursting Pressure:2 Mpa 
Reinforced Layer: 3 ply Optional:3-6 ply
Standard Color: Black / Blue/Red  Option 
Smooth outer surface finish: 12 to 28mm ID
Rough outer surface finish: 32mm ID and onwards
NOTE:51mm ID onwards is not so flexible due to wire and wall thickness. it won not bend into tight angles like ducting.

Standard Color: Black / Blue/Red  Option colors: Yellow / Purple/ Matt Black  etc,welcome visit hose color options for details,thanks. 
Silicone hose is NOT compatible with fuel or oil.
Silicone hose is compatible with water or anti-freeze such as coolant. 

ISH Superflex Silicone Hose 1 Meter (3ft) Long

non-smooth surface superflex silicone hosesmooth surface superflex silicone hose
non-smooth outer surface superflex silicone hose                                    smooth surface superflex silicone hose can printing logo

As one professional silicone hoses manufacturer,we can produce the hose ply,thickness,temperature range and burst pressure per your requirement  accordingly,thanks. 

Superflex Silicone hoses
Part No ID(mm) ID(inch)  Length(ft)  Length(meter) Wall Thick(mm) Ply
SFH13 13 0.5" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH16 16 0.6" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH19 19 0.75" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH22 22 0.90" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH25 25 1" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH28 28 1.1" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH32 32 1.25" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH35 35 1.35" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH38 38 1.5" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH51 51 2" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6
SFH63 63 1.5" 3 1 4.5±0.2/5.0±0.2 3,4,5,6